Just like that famous yeast based spread, Marmite, you will either love or hate Brian Moore. There simply does not appear to be any middle ground.

I have to declare early on that I fall firmly into the ‘love’ (in a very manly way of course) category, but I can see why he might get right up other peoples noses.

So why would people dislike him or take a dislike to some of the things he says or writes? Where to start?

For a start he is a qualified Lawyer. I think that alongside estate agents and politicians lawyers would come quite high on most people’s list of professions that are at best distrusted and at worst despised. If you then add to the mix the heady combination of his outspoken points of view, the fact that he is a qualified nail technician, a supporter of Chelsea Football Club and that he uses words that most people couldn’t even spell, never mind understand and you have some compelling motives for joining the ‘We hate Brian Moore Club’.

Even as a genuine fan of his, it is easy to see why some might take that point of view  – and the above list represents but a  microcosm of the reasons that many of his detractors would level against him.

For some reason, and I have to confess that this is based solely on what I have read on Twitter, the Welsh seem to be particularly vocal in displaying their hatred. In fact, how @brianmoore666 does not overtly explode, or even quit Twitter as a result of the abuse (not all of it by the Welsh I have to admit) is a constant surprise to me.

To me though, Mr Moore is a witty, intelligent, erudite man whose passion for the things he believes in and the lack of fear he shows in articulating them is a refreshing change. There are so many ‘pundits’ in the media who are clearly well informed and able but who lack the courage to get off the fence and ‘tell it as it is’. Individuals who are loathed to criticise somebody else for fear of upsetting said individual or for fear, perhaps more likely, for upsetting whomsoever they are working for.

Brian Moore does not fall into that category.

He is not afraid to ‘rant’ about something if he feels strongly about it. For example, In November, he, much to the amusement of Eddie Butler, screamed “For God’s sake” into an open microphone as the Welsh kicked away possession once again. And (yes I know that he would chastise me for starting a sentence with ‘and’) who was watching on Saturday when he openly implied that he was a ‘sad’ man as he read and re read the laws of the scrum in his spare time, before commencing to give us all a lesson in how the scrum should be set – a pet hate of his if you did not know and if you didn’t, where have you been living?

I love this about him, but more than that I love the seemingly endless and eclectic interests that he has and the fact that he is happy to discuss them with his 56,500+ Twitter followers.

His Tweets have re introduced me to the genius that is Bill Bailey and, of late, he has kept us informed about the ridiculous level of gun crime in the USA. Whilst he holds left wing values he appears open to deride / support any ludicrous / sane political views of any colour, he is equally comfortable ridiculing himself – most recently encouraging us all to participate in the 6 Nations drinking game that heavily features him as a reason to drink. NB he did issue the warning to drink responsibly!  

He is as comfortable offering a (educated) view on wine as he is an insight into his 5 year old daughters ability to keep him in on his toes.

I could go on, but the things that I love more than anything about Mr Moore is the fact that he managed to get the word ‘sesquipedalian’ into a rugby commentary and that he was willing to forgive a person who Tweeted him threatening  to stamp on his throat.

Love him or hate him though, there is no denying that our radio, TV and newspapers would be the poorer without him.

I apologise for this overly sesquipedalian homage to the one and only Chairman Moore.


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