There are just two months left before the very first match in the Rugby World Cup and I am going to be involved. How great is that?

I am delighted and very honoured to be one of the 6000 volunteers that will strive to help to make this the best World Cup that there has ever been. 6000 people who are giving up their time to ‘give back’ (a cliché that I do not particularly like, but that is so apt for this occasion) to a sport that they love.

I might be a little different to the vast majority of those volunteering as I will not just be taking a day off work here or there and popping down the road from home to participate. I am coming over to England from Italy for the duration of the tournament. That means that I have given up my role as Head Coach and General Manager at my rugby club, it means that I am having to organise for others to manage and operate the business that I run with my wife Cathy, and it means that I am abandoning (with their blessing) my family for over two months.

The logistical organisers have been very helpful in ensuring that I am fully occupied throughout the tournament giving me a role at both Kingsholm in Gloucester and Kneller Hall in Twickenham (the transport hub for all London stadia).

The problem that I gave them is exactly the opposite from most people involved. In my case I HAD to be working as often as possible throughout the entire tournament in order to justify being away for so long. The normal problem that the organisers have had is with people pulling out or wishing to reduce their level of commitment.

So here I am, armed with my Gloucester Schedule of Work (and waiting to have the one for London confirmed) as a driver. Who knows what exactly I will be doing, who I will be ferrying around and what a typical day will be like. All I can tell you is that I intend to make the most of what will be, in all probability, a unique experience and one that I would not miss for the world.

The pace is picking up now and there is still so much planning to do, not the least of which is persuading friends, family, acquaintances to be kind enough to give me a bed for the night during the tournament!

I am back in Gloucester for literally 24 hours in mid August for my final “Home Turf” briefing before packing up my car and leaving for Blighty on 30 August. It will all come around very quickly.

I will write a weekly blog throughout  the tournament giving an insiders viewpoint to the tournament as well as expressing my opinions on many of the matches and anything else that takes my fancy.

Do join me.

Until the next time……..


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